Prelove Makeup Foundation To Sell

Hi All, 
I am helping my friend to sell this pre-love makeup foundation that she didnt want to use it. Feel free to read the item description and contact me for more info. I was aware that Urban Decay have so much replica product that sells at much cheaper price. But be aware that different between replica and original product lies on the quality and the chemical ingredient. Of course the cheaper one probably have some dangerous chemical in it right? The choice is yours.

Authentic Urban Decay Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup (Shade 3.5)
  • Pumped 3 times only
  • Flawless finish that feels invisible on your face.
  • Has great coverage and almost an airbrush look.
  • Comes with box and sephora paper bag.
  • Bought last month at Sephora for RM142
  • Still got Sephora barcode on its box.
  • Reselling at JUST RM90 including postage. ---> Still negotiable for serious buyer/
  • Whatsapp/SMS me at 0132519414 to book yours.

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