I got a call from BMI early in the morning today. Again, I was selected to be a part of International Student Exchange Mobility program. Wait for it. It is not like Ive already been selected to studies oversea but I was told to re-apply for that program again.

At first, I was hestitate to tell my mom about this since the last year's incident. I made sacrifice by holding to my own faith that redha Mak lebih dari segala-galanya. But hell yeah. I told my mom and she said something that made me so happy about it.

Me: Mak, tadi BMI call. Adik dapat lagi apply nak study oversea tu.
Mak: Ha, cuba jela lagi mana tahu dapat.
Me: Tula, adik nak apply lah ni.
Mak: Kalau 'dua-dua' dapat, lagi bagus. Mak nikah kan kau terus lepas tu pergilah.
Me: Ngee tula Dia pun dapat sama cam adik. *senyum bahagia.

'Semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan.' :)

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